Dem Rep Garamendi: Trump Diplomat Expulsion ‘Good Step,’ But ‘Only the Minimum,’ He Hasn’t Shown Willingness to Protect US

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” Representative John Garamendi (D-CA) argued that President Trump’s expulsion of Russian diplomats is “good step,” but that the president “did only the minimum” and hasn’t shown a willingness to protect the US.

Garamendi said that while the expulsion is a “good step,” it’s also a “small step, inadequate step.”

Garamendi later stated that the president “did only the minimum that he had to do to at least be a nominal president protecting this country.”

Later in the interview, anchor Katy Tur asked, “Should the Democrats run in 2018 on a ticket of impeaching Donald Trump — with a platform of impeaching Donald Trump?

Garamendi answered, “We’ll see where we are in September. It may very well be that there is appropriate action for impeachment. But if he is unwilling to protect this nation, if he’s unwilling to make it very clear to Putin that you shall not, will not, and cannot hack into the United States’ critical infrastructure, putting millions of Americans at physical risk, then he should be impeached. … Now, what should be the upcoming election? This should be an issue. Is this president willing to protect America? The answer thusfar, is, no, he is not. … And what we need, frankly, is balance. We need a Democratic House of Representatives, and a Senate that can hold this administration accountable.”

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