Vicente Fox Calls on Trump to Apologize to Mexico — ‘We Are Not Paying for That F—-n’ Wall’

This week on CNBC’s podcast “Speakeasy with John Harwood,” former Mexican President Vicente Fox called on President Donald Trump to apologize to Mexico for his comments calling some Mexican immigrants rapists.

When asked about a border wall, Fox said, “If the American people want to pay for the wall, let it be. We don’t care in Mexico if you build a wall. Waste your money.”

He continued, “We are not paying for that f—-n’ wall. That’s for sure. And why should we? I mean, it’s incredible. He’s trying to hardball Mexico. We are offended. We’re really offended. We don’t like what he has said about Mexico and Mexicans. Every Mexican is now very clear that we must fight, we must resist. That he will go away one day, I hope soon. And that Mexico’s much more than this relationship. We are not the little guy in the backyard.”

He added, “What I see is stupidity on what he considers the best process of negotiating. His first intention is to defeat his opponent. And once he has defeated his opponent, then he proposes something to negotiate with. I think it’s the wrong strategy because, in the process of negotiating, you’re destroying so many things. It’s going to be extremely difficult for him to regain the loyalty, the friendship, the partnership of Mexico.”

Fox ended the interview saying “Trump, apologize to Mexico, to Mexicans. And then we can have your taco wall and your f—-n’ tower.”

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