Carlson on Possibility Dems Won’t Take Control of Congress: ‘Public Has Recognized That the Russian Investigation Is Not What They Said It Was’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson gave a scathing critique of Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election.

Carlson said the investigation wasn’t about any of its stated purposes, but as a means to explain Democrats’ 2016 election loss. He argued that since Democrats have not come to terms with what cost them that election, they stand to lose again in the November midterms.

“More than anything, we’ve learned just how clueless the people who run Washington, D.C. are,” Carlson said. “Rather than accept the fact that they created Donald Trump themselves by abandoning and then coming to despise the rest of the country they run. They couldn’t face that, so they concocted the Russia collusion story as a way to sustain a world where they did nothing wrong. And they only lost because their enemies betrayed this country to a foreign power. For more than a year, Russia was all they could talk about because they certainly didn’t want to talk about the issues that got Trump elected in the first place — drug ODs, a vanishing middle class, their agenda of literally replacing the people who live in this country with immigrants. They didn’t want to talk about that. But it hasn’t been working.”

“For most of Trump’s presidency, Democrats have looked forward to the big midterm wins that will give them control of Congress once again,” he continued. “That’s the whole point of all of this. But it hasn’t worked. Their lead is dwindling. It’s now within the margin of error. They may not win back the House at all. It looks like the Senate is going to be beyond their reach. Why? Because the public has recognized that the Russian investigation is not what they said it was. It is and has been from the beginning been a witch hunt created by a cabal frantic to keep it hold on power.”

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