Axios’ Swan: ‘Fantastic’ for Trump That Mueller Probe Is Becoming a Red-Blue Issue

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Axios’ reporter Jonathan Swan said President Donald Trump’s “media strategy” to turn special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe into a “red and a blue issue” was working.

Partial transcript as follows:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Jonathan Swan, let me begin with you. I noticed something when Alan Dershowitz was here. Of course, he’s an independent but has been close to the president at times. It really does seem like the White House strategy coming into focus her, it’s now all about discrediting Robert Mueller.

JONATHAN SWAN, AXIOS: The legal strategy has not changed. Emmett Flood is a quiet, careful lawyer who is doing the identical work that’s inside the White House. What’s changed is the media strategy, which is very significant. Rudy Giuliani’s job is not to do substantive, in the weeds legal work. His job is to go on TV and attack Robert Mueller and attack the investigation. And what we’re seeing is that it’s becoming a red and a blue issue, similar to the Clinton impeachment in the 90s. And if that actually happens, we’re already seeing the trend lines go in that direction, if that solidifies, that’s fantastic for Trump, and he knows that.

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