ESPN’s Wickersham: NFL Owners Didn’t Actually Vote on National Anthem Policy

According to ESPN senior writer Seth Wickersham, NFL owners never actually held an official vote on the new National Anthem policy that now requires players to either stand on the field or remain in the locker room.

Instead of an official vote, Wickersham said on “Outside the Lines” he was told by someone in the room the NFL knew how owners would vote based on a previous poll.

“Usually when they have … official votes, there’s a process that they go through. With this one, I think that they knew how people were going to vote. Wickersham told Bob Ley Thursday. “They had essentially polled it and they didn’t do an official vote.”

Wickersham also took to Twitter to say the same thing, saying not having an official vote on a major issue like that is “atypical.”

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