Carl Bernstein: Are Trump’s ‘Lies’ Leading U.S. Toward Authoritarianism?

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” veteran journalist Carl Bernstein questioned if President Donald Trump’s “lies” are leading the United States of America toward authoritarianism.

Bernstein said, “I think we can look at a big picture now with some real definition, in which the perilous moment for our country right now, and it’s a question of whether lies, authoritarianism and the character of the president of the United States are going to take us to an authoritarian place where we have never been in, which he will bury a duly constituted and legal investigation that will determine whether or not the president is above the rule of law.”

He added, “The reason he wants to bury, demean, undermine and put this investigation out of business for all time is he knows Mueller has the ability and the facts to reveal him, Donald Trump, in a really terrible light. Whether it is criminal behavior or not, Mueller has enough to show Donald Trump and his lies in a way that definitively, the American people, including a lot of Fox viewers, perhaps may be convinced that we are seeing a false narrative by the United States in which, well, maybe there is collusion.”

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