Swalwell Doubles Down on Schiff’s Attack — GOP ‘Worse Than Bums’

Monday on CNN’s “The Lead,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) defended his colleague Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for calling Republicans “bums.”

Swalwell said, “Well, I think ranking member Schiff’s point is if they are not willing to have their minds changed about holding the president accountable, their seats have to be changed. You know, we’ve tried to be honest brokers all along in this investigation, particularly the House investigation, and our Republican colleagues put their heads in the sand to look the other way, or they are rowing in the same direction with the president. The American people are exasperated by the lies the president tells about basic accepted truths. I actually think one day you are going ask me to come on air and defend whether the sun really sets in the west because the president woke up one day and tweeted it sets in the east. It’s maddening.”

He added, “You’re worse than bums if you are not willing to stand up to a president who is attacking a former FBI director, a patriot who served our country in Vietnam like Bob Mueller. You’re worse than a bum if you are allowing the president to cash in on the oval office, and put Chinese workers ahead of American workers when your company is taking a five hundred million dollar loan from Indonesia. You are worse than a bum allowing your daughter to receive trademarks from the Chinese while you’re executing trade deals. So I think he was being kind to them. People want to see a check on the president, and to see us to put on his desk the things that he has said that he would sign that Republicans won’t show the courage to do, like immigration reform, like an infrastructure package, like prescription drug reform, and like background checks. So I think people are fed up, and they want to see people standing up to the president.”

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