Gowdy Reaction to IG Report: ‘Just What a Dark Day It Is for the FBI and the DOJ’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) reacted to the Inspector General report on the Department of Justice and FBI’s investigation into the handling of the agencies’ probe into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized email server.

The report showed biases of FBI agents, including agent Peter Strzok, which Gowdy indicated betrayed the public’s trust of the agency.

“Just what a dark day it is for the FBI and the DOJ —  two institutions our country desperately needs,” Gowdy said. “We desperately have to have confidence in them. And this level of bias and animus — not only did they want to stop the Trump campaign but he wanted to stop the Trump presidency. Peter Strzok, the FBI agent that was on elder Clinton investigation and arguably at the lead Russia investigator, not only wanted to stop his campaign but once he wanted, got on the Mueller probe because he wanted to impeach him. That’s animus and bias that everyone should reject. And Chris Wray, you’re wrong — there are consequences. The consequences are that your fellow citizens question whether or not they can have confidence in the world’s premier law enforcement agency and that’s coming from someone who has defending defended them a lot throughout his career. This was a bitterly disappointing report.”

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