Rob Reiner: Breitbart Is ‘Essentially State-Run Media’

Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” director and liberal activist Rob Reiner called Breitbart News Network “essentially state-run media.”

Reiner said, “It’s more difficult now than it has ever been — first, to hold people in power accountable, to risk access and all of that, but also you have a mainstream media that is feeding the base of Donald Trump. And they are only getting information in one way. It’s much easier to say, fake news, witch hunt, no collusion and repeat that over and over than to explain to people what actually happened, how the democracy was attacked, what the connections to the Trump campaign are, were there any obstructions of justice? These are things that are very complicated to explain. But in order for our democracy to survive, we have to explain it, and we have to be vigilant.”

He added, “We know propaganda works. Every single administration, Republican, Democrat, all traffic in propaganda either to sell policy or to sell a rational to go to war. The difference is, we got a president now who is backed up by essentially state-run media with Fox and Breitbart and Sinclair.”

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