Sessions: ‘We Never Really Intended’ to Separate Families, We Intended to Charge Adults

Thursday in an interview with Christian Broadcasting Network’s (CBN) David Brody, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the separation of immigrant children from their families was not an intended consequence of the administration’s zero-tolerance policy for illegal border crossers.

When Brody asked about the optics, Sessions said, “It hasn’t been good, and the American people don’t like the idea that we are separating families. We never really intended to do that. What we intended to do was to make sure that adults who bring children into the country are charged with the crime they have committed. Instead of giving that special group of adults immunity from prosecution, which is what, in effect, what we were doing.”

He added, “So I think it’s the right thing. We’ll work our way through it and try to do it in the most compassionate way possible.”

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