Ana Navarro: Melania Is ‘Trying to Self-Deport from the White House’

Friday on ABC’s “The View,” guest co-host and CNN contributor Ana Navarro said first lady Melania Trump was “trying to self-deport from the White House.”

During a debate over Melania‘s “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U” jacket she wore on her way to a border detention facility in Texas, co-host Joy Behar said, “Is this just another case of a wife cleaning up for her husband? Or will this do something?”

Sunny Hostin said, “She is trolling her husband. I think she’s trolling her husband. Why would she show up?”

Sara Haines said, “My friend Amy wrote ‘this is the most awkward beginning to divorce proceedings that I have ever seen.'”

Ana Navarro said, “We have no idea, but what we all know is this is a very complicated marriage. Look, I thought she was trying to self-deport from the White House.”

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