Levin on Dem Border Uproar: ‘These Are Not Human Rights Advocates from the Left — They Are Leftists Who Seek Power at All Costs’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin called into question the motivation of Democrat pushback against the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Levin argued that given the Democratic Party’s position on other issues like abortion, its claim that it opposes the policy on the grounds of human rights concerns warranted scrutiny.

Transcript as follows:

HANNITY: All right. So much news going on today. Here to join us he is the host of CRTV’s Levin TV, number one show on Sunday night at 10 Eastern right here on the Fox News Channel. It’s Life, Liberty, and Levin. Thank me. God bless us. I call him the great one.

You know, Mark, we talk privately a lot. We’re friends. And you know what, sometimes we get pretty heated.


HANNITY: I am literally boiling over the immigration lie, the outright hypocrisy.

LEVIN: Right.

HANNITY: The treatment of a 12-year-old kid and a 4-year-old little girl and our first lady. And the double standard is so despicable. And there is law involved here.

LEVIN: Right.

HANNITY: And Obama was the one that said he is not an emperor, he’s the president. He is compelled to enforce Congress’ bad laws.

LEVIN: I never thought I’d say this, Sean, but where is Stormy Daniels and her slip-and-fall lawyer when we need them? You know, the Democrats like to talk about Japanese internment camps I notice. They know a lot about Japanese internment camps, the Democrats since they set them up. Franklin Roosevelt set them up. The Democrat Congress funded them.

The FDR and the Supreme Court in the Korematsu decision upheld them. And then they took 120,000 Japanese Americans and Americans of Japanese decent and forcibly removed them from their homes and put them in these Japanese internment camps.

So the Democrats know a lot about them. They also know a lot about our current detention policies and facilities since they’ve been funding them for the last 30 years. They’ve existed eight years under Bill Clinton, eight years under George W. Bush, eight years under Obama.

Then the Clinton administration entered in a consent decree with a liberal overseeing at all that required the release of minors coming across the border illegally and dragged here in many cases by adults.

In 1997, it requires the release of them in 20 days. So, this administration says we have got to enforce our laws. We have too many illegal aliens coming in. So they separate the adults from the kids. Just like we do when we send American adults to prison, we don’t send the little toddlers with them.

So Donald Trump is now Hitler. So Donald Trump says well, let’s unite the families. Well, he is uniting the families, and he is still Hitler. Now they are saying well the only answer is — and they are doing that, Sean, for one simple reason.

They believe in open borders. They want all those people released. They don’t want to deport them. They do not want to send them home. These are not human rights advocates from the left. They are leftists who seek power at all costs.

Now if these Democrats really cared about little kids and little babies and so forth, why are they so hardcore on partial-birth abortion? Have you ever seen those pictures of partial birth abortion? Why do they want to fund the Planned Parenthood outfit? More and more money into that organization.

Remember those undercover videos where they are selling babies’ organs and body parts? I believe those are babies. And I believe that reminds me I might say of the Third Reich. But they support those organizations, and they call partial-birth abortion right up to one second before the birth, they call that a choice and a right. They are not fooling anybody.

And by the way, where have the media been in the last 30 years? Where’s Jake Tapper been? Other than handgun inc, handgun control inc, and a press secretary to a left-wing member of Congress. All the stuff going on before Trump ever thought about running for president. All the Nazi concentration camps and Democrat Japanese internment camps.

Somehow CNN missed them, and MSNBC missed them and The New York Times and The Washington Post missed them.

Let me tell you something. The American people aren’t fooled by this crap. This is the latest baloney that they’re throwing at this president. And this president is trying to get this managed.

I have a simple solution. Secure the border, but the Democrats won’t secure the border. That way we get fewer little kids coming across and they can stay home in their nirvana in their country that they are from, which we know is a magnificent culture because Dick Durbin told us. They are coming from magnificent cultures.

So let’s secure the border and then we don’t have to have Democrats style Japanese internment camps. The families can stay together, and the families can live together.

HANNITY: You know it really can be simple. You know what, Mark? If they cared about the separation issue, if they really cared about the DACA kids, well, convince me that I’m wrong, they could actually fix it in a day. You know, God forbid they do their job.

Great one, thank you. Don’t forget, don’t miss it.

LEVIN: God bless.

HANNITY: Mark’s show. And by the way, I’m going to be a guest very soon on it. We’ll give you the date. Life, Liberty and Levin. Number one show on cable, Sunday night right here on Fox.

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