Dem Rep Jayapal: Trump, GOP Don’t Want Solution to Immigration Issues — They Create Crises to Drum Up Racism

Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) accused President Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP of lacking the “desire to see a solution to immigration issues.”

Instead, Jayapal said Republicans want to create immigration crises to “drum up the racism and hatred.”

“I don’t think that Trump and the Republicans have really any desire to see a solution to immigration issues that we’re dealing with,” Jayapal told host Joy Reid. “In fact, they create crises, that’s what Trump did by ending the DACA program and then, you know, this crisis with families being separated, children being kept in cages.”

She continued, “They create those crises because they are useful for political reasons to drum up the racism and the hatred and so what would happen if we fixed immigration? There would be nobody to blame anymore and right now, immigrants and, this is not just right now, it has been true as your previous guests have been saying, has been true for some time, but the level of discourse now coming directly from the bully in the bully pulpit is making it so much worse because there’s no filter and Republicans have become the party of Trump.”

Jayapal went on to say Republicans believe it is in their interest to have Americans think all immigrants are criminals.

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