NBA Legend Oscar Robertson on Social Issues: ‘Where Are the White Athletes When this Is Happening?’

Monday at the NBA Awards show, NBA Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson called on white athletes to speak up on social injustices.

Robertson, who received the Lifetime Achievement Award, praised athletes like LeBron James for being vocal about social issues, but said it “bothers” him white athletes remain quiet.

“I think that as people evolve, and things are changing so much in the world with social media and whatnot, these people are young people who have families,” Robertson said in front of a group of reporters. “They’ve seen some injustice in the streets or wherever it might be, it might be almost anywhere, and they’re stepping up. But the only thing that really bothers me is, where are the white athletes when this is happening?”

He continued, “This is not a black athlete problem. You see injustice in the world. It’s all around you. Just because LeBron steps out, I’m glad he does. I hope some other players — because this is what they believe — I mean, what do you want players to do? Shut up and dribble? I think it’s time for them to say what they want to say about life and about politics and things about the street and whatnot. And about education.”

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Chris Long, outspoken against the NFL’s National Anthem policy and President Donald Trump, donated his 2017 salary to better the education system in the United States. In 2017, Cleveland Browns tight end Seth DeValve took a knee and prayed during the National Anthem rather than standing.

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