California Man Alleges Fat Discrimination, American Airlines Apologizes


A man in California is upset with American Airlines with the way we has treated because of his weight, according to Local8Now.

Chris Shelley claims he was kicked off one of company’s planes because he is overweight.

“The worst part was being treated as if I was some sort of criminal. Not only a criminal, but a fat criminal,” Shelley stated.

Shelley explained that the incident began after he boarded an American Airlines flight from Dallas, TX to Orange County, CA on Friday, when a “not particularly happy,”small elderly woman sitting in the aisle seat next to him, got up and walked to the front of the plane.

The now retired Marine then said, “A young gentleman in a vest with an American Airlines emblem on it turns to me and says, ‘Sir! You need to take your things and deplane immediately. Come with me.’ I was in shock.”

According to Shelley, the American Airlines employee told him the woman seated next to him complained he was too large for his seat, but nobody would offer any solutions.

“They never once asked me or anyone else if we could switch seats. It was just simply ‘get off the plane!'” He said he begged the employee to ask the woman who complained about him to simply switch seats, which she agreed. He was then able re-board the plane.

American Airlines sent Shelley two apology emails. A spokesperson of American Airlines said they have launched an investigation of the incident.

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