Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Criticizes NRA for Not Being ‘Reasonable’ on Pro-Gun Stance

FILE - In this Feb. 23, 2016 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, right, speaks next to Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin, in Columbia, S.C. Sitting in the airy chapel at Mount Ararat Church in Brooklyn, the crowd heard from five women who had lost their children to …

The transcript of one of Hillary Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches–released by Wikileaks–shows her criticizing the NRA for not being “reasonable” with their pro-Second Amendment stance.

The speech is dated June 4, 2013.

Clinton referenced the NRA as part of her attempt to show the dangers of being “partisan” on an issue. This approach allowed her to go from denouncing “gerrymandering” House districts to denouncing the NRA’s stance on gun rights.

According to the transcript, Clinton broached the subject of being “partisan” by saying, “You know, people get rewarded for being partisan, and that’s on both sides. The biggest threat that Democrats and Republicans face today, largely because of gerrymandering in the House, is getting a primary opponent from either the far right or the far left.”

She then jumped to the story of a state senator from Kentucky who allegedly fell out of favor with the NRA for tabling a piece of pro-gun legislation. Clinton described the unnamed senator as being “highly regarded” and  having “an A plus rating” from the NRA. Yet Clinton stressed that the NRA supported the senator’s challenger in the next election, unseating the senator for not passing the gun rights bill when she had the chance.

Clinton suggested the NRA’s approach betrayed an unwillingness to be “reasonable.” She said:

So the NRA recruited an opponent for her who beat her. They put a lot of money into it and basically: You couldn’t be reasonable. You couldn’t say let’s try to reason this out together. You had to tow the line, and whether it’s a financial line or gun control line or whatever the line might be.

Ironically, Clinton’s current policy positions include her determination to use executive orders to bypass Congress for the purposes of securing more gun control. According to her own press secretary, Clinton specifically plans to use executive orders to go after gun shows; a move the American people have rejected for decades.

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