*RNC Finale Livewire*

An American Lion Roars

Stamina: Trump Speaks All Night — Days After Shot in Head!

WORLD CHAMP: Trump Crushes All-Time Record — Again!

He Strikes New Tone… Calm, Sensitive, Sincere

‘I’m Not Supposed to Be Here Tonight’: Tells Riveting Story of Assassination Attempt…

…Praises Crowd for Not Running

Dana White: He’s Toughest Man on Earth!

Grand New Party: Hulk Hogan Hypes Up Crowd — then Rev. Graham Leads Prayer

Meanwhile, Dems in Chaos as Biden Withdrawal Rumors Run Wild

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump attends the 2024 Republica

It’s the big night at the Republican National Committee in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the Big Man himself will officially accept the GOP nomination for an historic third time.