Chelsea Clinton on Kanye: ‘Tucker Carlson and a Lot of White Men’ Also Trafficking Dangerous Antisemitism

Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton during an appearance on Friday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View,” said Fox News host Tucker Carlson and “a lot of white men” also traffic antisemitism when asked about rapper Kanye West comments.

Co-host Ana Navarro said, “This one strikes close to home for you because your husband, Mark, is Jewish, and I want to ask you, you know, we’ve seen in the headlines in the last few weeks, Kanye West or whatever the hell he’s calling himself these days, tweeting out antisemitism and the effects of that. You’ve got it in your household, right? How are you reacting to this? Why do you think we’re seeing this? What’s happening and what do we do about it?”

Clinton said, “Certainly, antisemitism has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest kind of conspiracy theories and forms of really kind of virulent and violent and dangerous hate and rhetoric. Thank you for all of you for continuing to stand up against antisemitism. We certainly need to see that from all sides of the political aisle.”

She added, “While I can be grateful that there is accountability for the dangerous anti-Semitic rhetoric that Kanye has trafficked in and amplified, you know, Tucker Carlson and a lot of white men are also trafficking in a lot of really dangerous antisemitism, and they need to be held accountable too.”

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