Jon Voight: Google ‘Working for Hillary’

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Actor Jon Voight says it is “probably true” that search engine juggernaut Google is intentionally suppressing negative news stories about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“It’s probably true,” Voight told a TMZ reporter on Thursday.

Doubling down, the actor and ardent Trump supporter said “Google is certainly working for Hillary” and added that the entire “mainstream media is in the tank for the Democrat party.”

“This is real.”

Breitbart News reported on the allegations against Google in August.

Searches for terms related to stories about Hillary Clinton’s health typed into Google’s engine returned Autocomplete suggestions like “Hillary’s healthcare plan,” while the same searches inputted in search engines like Bing and Yahoo returned Autocomplete terms like “Hillary Clinton’s health problems” or “Hillary Clinton’s health issues.”

Trump mentioned the allegations in a rally speech in Wisconsin this week: “A new post-debate poll that just came out, the Google poll, has us leading Hillary Clinton by two points nationwide, and that’s despite the fact that Google search engine was suppressing the bad news about Hillary Clinton.”

The Verge reports that Trump was likely referring to a Independent Journal Review post-debate poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys.

In June, the search engine told the Washington Times that “Google Autocomplete does not favor any candidate or cause. Claims to the contrary simply misunderstand how Autocomplete works.”

Still, Voight even went so far as to warn against the possibility that the Clinton campaign might plant pro-Clinton audiences members in seats at the next presidential debate.

“Are people set up within the audience?” he asked. “I’m sure that people want to win, and that’s the way it is.”

The Academy Award-winning actor has spent months speaking up in support of the Republican nominee, after formally endorsing Trump in March in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

Earlier this month, during an interview on the Fox Business network, Voight said he doesn’t “think there’s any place Donald Trump can’t win.”


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