Cher: Millennials ‘Don’t Trust’ Hillary Clinton Because Her ‘Sins Are Really Enormous’

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While speaking at the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada, singer and social justice activist Cher slammed Donald Trump as a “dangerous” political figure and said young voters are not “drawn to Hillary” Clinton because they don’t “trust her.”

“I don’t know how he’s a candidate, he is so dangerous, and what he brings to my country, what he’s awakened in my country, is bigotry and distrust and a certain kind of supremacy in certain groups, and he lies,” Cher said of the Republican presidential nominee.

“He’s amazing, he tells something and then you go back and see what he’s said and it seems like the truth both times, he’s so terrific at lying,” the singer added. “I’ve never seen anyone so good, it’s amazing. I could go on and on on this subject forever because I’m so traumatized by him. I am truly traumatized by him.”

Cher, however, saved her more sobering criticisms for Clinton.

“It’s not easy, because especially millennials—they’re not drawn to Hillary; they don’t trust her, they feel that her sins are really enormous,” Cher said according to the Daily Mail.

“If you delve into some of the things she’s being accused of—she’s screwed up and that’s for sure.”

According to CNN, “Clinton is under-performing with millennials.”

The Oscar-winning actress, did, however, suggest that Clinton would “do her best” should she win in November.

“But I’ve known her for a long time and I think that she will do her best. And she’s a politician but she will do her best. If you look at her from the beginning of her life till now, she’s worked hard for people.”

Cher’s commentary at the humanitarian-focused confab was meant to spotlight her various animal right efforts. But the singer’s remarks constantly veered into presidential politics.

Warning millennial voters, Cher said, “They need to know is that this election will change America and have consequences for the world for 40 years and the people who will suffer the most are millennials.”

“And they will suffer because the people he will bring with him will put an end to any hope that women have of getting the rights we had in Roe v Wade. I believe they will put an end to any gay marriage. They will put an end to gay adoption. They will put an end to so many services that we do for the old, the young, the starving,” she added.

Cher continued: “I would say that it has such far-reaching consequences and—look, it’s not going to hurt me, I’m 70, it’s not going to do anything to me—it’s going to do stuff to young people and that really scares me and it bothers me.”

Not known to shy away from sharing her thoughts on Trump’s political rise, Cher called the real estate magnate a “f*cking idiot” and compare Trump to Hitler during a fundraiser for Clinton in August.

During the animal rights-centered event in Canada, Cher also turned her ire toward Trump’s son’s, Donald Trump, Jr., and Eric Trump, who caused controversy after posting a photo showing them celebrating the killing of a leopard they hunted during a trip to Africa.

“Donald Trump’s sons, there’s a picture of them holding a dead leopard. And I think that when that kind of message is sent from people who are influential, it’s the exact wrong message,” Cher said. “It changes the mindset of people, they become numb to what’s going on.”

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