Rep. Diaz-Balart: I Wouldn’t Be Surprised to See Obama ‘Massaging Raúl Castro’s Feet with Fuzzy Little Gloves’

US President Barack Obama has sought to thaw tensions with Cuba, but stopped short of meeting Castro during a landmark trip to Havana earlier this year

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) minced no words when expressing his dismay over the outgoing President’s decision to end automatic residency for Cuban refugees to reporters.

“If I see a picture on Friday of President Obama massaging Raul Castro’s feet, really, with fuzzy little gloves, massaging his feet, that wouldn’t surprise me. Because this president has no limit when it comes to bowing down, appeasing and giving concessions to Castro or to other enemies of the United States,” Diaz-Balart said.

“There is no concession that Castro has wanted that Obama has not been willing to give him and give it to him unilaterally,” he continued. “You know, you would think that, for example, President Obama would be concerned about the fugitives of U.S. law that are harbored by the regime. Cop killers, terrorists — doesn’t seem to concern him.”

“You would think that he would be concerned about those who commit fraud in the United States and then go back to Cuba. You would think that his priority would be the national security of the United States or the Cuban people, but once again his priority is obviously pleasing Castro,” he charged.

The Washington Examiner notes that Diaz-Balart is Fidel Castro’s nephew, and has been saluted by the late dictator as one of his “most repulsive enemies.”

The congressman added that Obama’s decision was announced just one day after Cuban dissident Oscar Biscet was detained by the Castro regime and “threatened with further arrests if he continues trying to organize a new parliament in the country.”


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