Report: Obamacare Helped Cover Cost of Sex Change Surgery


Lisa Larson of South Carolina was told sex change surgery could cost $70,000, but Larson claims that thanks to Obamacare the price will be closer to $5,000.

WTOC in Savannah, GA, had an exclusive interview with Larson Wednesday. “For a vaginoplasty, breast implants, facial reconstruction, hormones, laser hair removal, for everything that needed to be done, my first quote was $70,000,” Larson told WTOC.

Larson claims to have felt like a woman trapped in a man’s body since age three.

Larson told WTOC that the surgery would be a total of $5,000 thanks to Obamacare; however, the surgery isn’t covered in South Carolina so Larson is talking to doctors in Georgia. Details of Larson’s health plan or how Obamacare factored into the cost are not explained in detail in the story.

As for whether taxpayers should be on the hook for the surgery, Larson says it’s a matter of life and death. “This is healthcare, that is pertinent to saving a person’s life,” he tells WTOC.

Larson says he has tried to commit suicide on four occasions and adds that his children no longer speak to him. “If you knew that you were in the wrong body, wouldn’t you want to be who you really were, really and truly?” Larson asked WTOC.


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