Dr. Ben Carson Joins Fellow GOP Candidates in Slamming Iran Deal

Ben Carson

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said the Iran deal announced Tuesday was “another heaping dose of false hope.” which is almost certain to be a historic mistake that could have deadly consequences.

“A careful review of the 100-plus pages is in order to fully understand the lengths to which the negotiators were willing to stoop to secure a deal at any cost with the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and a regime dedicated in word and deed to bringing death to America,” Carson stated.

“Without anywhere anytime surprise inspections, a full accounting of Iran’s past secret nuclear arms pursuits, elimination of Iran’s uranium stockpiles and the lifting of any sanctions only upon verification of Iranian compliance, this is not a good deal, but a recipe for disaster and the first fateful step toward a frenzied nuclear arms race in the Middle East,” he added.

Carson joined fellow GOP presidential candidates who also slammed the deal.

Congress now has 60 days to review the Administration’s final deal with Iran.


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