Josh Earnest Calls Women Protesting Iran Deal ‘Pro-War’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

White House press secretary Josh Earnest took a swipe at a rally held by Concerned Women for America on Thursday in Lafayette Park, according to a press release from the organization.

The rally was held to protest a bad deal with Iran and the fact that there are four American hostages that were left behind and not released as part of the negotiations.

Earnest characterized the rally as “pro-war.”

The Armed Services Subcommittee Chairman Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) and GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) both attended the event.

Concerned Women for America’s CEO and President Penny Nance responded to Earnest:

I’m disappointed that White House press secretary Josh Earnest chose to double down on politics instead of listening to our message. The truth is, any agreement with Iran that makes the U.S. and Israel less safe and leaves behind four American hostages is a bad deal.

“CWA opposes the deal with Iran based on the fact that it makes America and Israel vulnerable,” she stated. “He’s foolish to insult the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization. Many of our members have served in the U.S. military or are the wife or mother of a U.S. military member. If he were a gentleman, he would apologize.”


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