Donald Trump Mocks John Kerry For Falling Off Bicycle


Billionaire Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is mocking Secretary of State John Kerry for getting into a bicycle accident in the middle of the Iran nuclear talks.

Trump made his comment after radio show host Hugh Hewitt asked him about what he would do in response to China’s live fire drills.

“They have no respect for our president, they have no respect for John Kerry, who falls of bicycles at 73 in the middle of a negotiation that’s very important,” Trump said, calling the Iran nuclear deal one of the worst deals in American history.

Kerry was in Switzerland when he had a cycling accident in which he broke his leg in May, returning to Massachusetts to receive quality health care. He was able to return to Vienna finish the negotiations, but was on crutches the entire time.

Trump mocked John Kerry and his team as the “most incompetent group of negotiators” as a result of the deal.

Trump reminded Hewitt’s audience that America would not be able to be the policemen of the world, even in areas like Ukraine.

“That’s a fight that should be led by the Europeans, in particularly Germany, not by us,” he said.


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