First-Time Voter, 92, Gets to Meet Her Savior: Donald Trump

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Iowa

Donald Trump has outdone himself — he’s managed to bring one ancient person back to political life.

Beada Corum, 92, recently registered to vote for the first time so she could vote for  Trump,. On Saturday, Aug. 29, she got to meet The Donald in person.

Trump sealed the campaign-trail revival when he kissed Corum on the cheek at the National Federation of Republican Assemblies Conference, when they posed for the cameras.

Corum became a fan of Trump’s this year. “We got a good country but it’s going downhill so fast and we need somebody in there who can straighten it out … He’s got a strong mind and he speaks it out just the way he thinks it ought to be,” she told WVLT in Knoxville, Tennessee in July.

On August 4, Trump’s Facebook page featured Corum’s first-time registration and touted her endorsement of Trump. She has become an minor celebrity, saying of Trump, “Make America great again, that’s what he’s going to do.”

After the GOP presidential debate on August 7, Corum appeared on Fox and Friends, and declared that “I think Donald Trump did real good last night; I enjoyed his speech; I enjoyed the rest of ‘em, but I enjoyed him the best because he talked about the future, and it seems to me some of ‘em want to talk about the past.”

“I believe with all my heart that he means what he says and he’s gonna do what he says,” she said.


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