Over 70 Black Campus Groups Plan More Protests, Demand ‘Free Tuition for Black Students’

Organizing members of the Black Liberation Collective from Harvard University to the University of Missouri have released a list of demands they want met at predominately white colleges as well as historical black universities.

Campus groups from each individual school have their own specific demands to end “racial discrimination” on their respective campuses.

Collectively, the 73 schools all want the following:

1) WE DEMAND at the minimum, Black students and Black faculty to be reflected by the national percentage of Black folk in the country

2) WE DEMAND free tuition for Black and indigenous students

3) WE DEMAND a divestment from prisons and an investment in communities

Armed with the hashtag #StudentBlackOut, these groups are planning a second day of action in support of their list of demands.

Last month, Breitbart News covered the  which was widely mocked on social media and met with lackluster national student support.


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