Donald Trump Blasts ‘Nasty’ Washington Post Ted Cruz Cartoon

Melania Trump, Caroline Cruz, Catherine Cruz
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Billionaire candidate Donald Trump weighed in on the controversial cartoon published by the Washington Post featuring Ted Cruz and his daughters, criticizing it as “nasty” and “bad.”

“The Washington Post, which is the lobbyist (power) for not imposing taxes on Amazon, today did a nasty cartoon attacking @tedcruz kids,” Trump mused on Twitter. “Bad.”

Trump’s tweet is part of a growing number of Republicans who are rallying to Cruz’s defense after the cartoon was published by the Washington Post. Jeb Bush called the cartoon “off limits” in an interview with Fox and Friends this morning, and Sen. Marco Rubio described it as “disgusting.”

The cartoonist Ann Telnaes argued that Cruz’s children were “fair game” for parody after they appeared in a campaign video, even though the Washington Post editorial staff pulled the cartoon.

Cruz and Trump are now battling for first place in many of the early state polls for president.


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