Donald Trump Blasts Clinton Foundation, Vows to ‘End the Corruption’

Trump Calls Hillary Out

Donald Trump promised to “end the corruption” if elected President of the United States, blasting Hillary Clinton for her relationship to the Clinton Foundation during her time as secretary of state during his campaign rally in Austin, Texas on Tuesday.

“There is only one way to end the corruption in our country: elect Donald J. Trump,” the Republican nominee declared. “Hillary Clinton thinks she is above the law. Come November, the American people will show her that she is not. You will be voting for justice, fairness, and equality.”

Trump also commented on a report from the Associated Press that was published earlier on Tuesday, revealing that when she was secretary of state, more than half of Clinton’s meetings with non-government officials were with Clinton Foundation donors. According to the AP:

Today a phone log was released for Cheryl Mills. She was Secretary of State Clinton’s Chief of Staff. You would expect the log to contain only calls concerning Department of State business. But Cheryl Mills received 148 messages between 2010 and 2012 from the Chief Operating Officer of the Clinton Foundation – no other individual or group appears to have left that many messages.

We also just learned today that more than half the people who met with Hillary Clinton from outside government while she was Secretary of State were donors to the Foundation.

The New Yorker went on to detail what he believes is evidence of a pay to play scheme at the Clinton Foundation and Clinton’s state department:

The UBS saga is another one. Shortly after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State she went to Geneva and intervened in a dispute concerning secret identities of Americans.

She negotiated a very good deal for UBS and a very bad deal for law enforcement. Of the 52,000 accounts the U.S. was seeking, the government settled for only 4,450 accounts. Her intervention was described by Treasury as unusual.

Before her unusual intervention UBS had donated only $60,000 to the Foundation. After the Clinton favor for UBS, it opened its wallet for big bucks and out came a $600,000 contribution, a $32 million loan and a $1.5 million speaking fee for Bill Clinton.

“This is corruption, pure and simple,” he declared. “Justice is supposed to be blind. It’s never supposed to be for sale.”


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