Donald Trump Blasts Obamacare in Florida: ‘The Rates are Going through the Sky’


Donald Trump blasted the rise in healthcare insurance premiums through the Affordable Care Act –also known as Obamacare — during a campaign rally in Sanford, Florida on Tuesday with a huge crowd of supporters.

“The rates are going through the sky,” the Republican nominee stated, referencing the recent news that premiums will rise more than 20 percent in 2017. “I’ve been saying this for a long time.”

Trump told his supporters that on his first day in office if elected president, he will ask Congress to put a bill on his desk to repeal the healthcare law in order to provide an opportunity for more competition that he suggests will lower costs.

The Republican nominee’s campaign has been criticizing Obamacare after a new report, which was issued on Monday, revealed that healthcare premiums will increase more than 20 percent in 2017 and that one in five people will only have one insurer as an option in the healthcare exchange.

“It is crazy,” Trump blasted. “Even Bill Clinton admitted that Obamacare is the craziest thing in the world…and then he was forced to take it back the following day because that night, he suffered greatly because Hillary Clinton wants to double up and triple up on Obamacare. The numbers will go through the roof!”

“Insurers are leaving. Companies are leaving [the Obamacare marketplace],” Trump argued. “It’s putting your companies out of business [and] small businesses out of business.”

“She’s going to expand it and it’s going to get more and more expensive,” he alleged of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who currently leads in the key swing state of Florida by an average of three points.


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