Barbara Bush (1925-2018), a Life in Photos

First lady Barbara Bush, with her pet dog Millie, talks to reporters in Washington, Sept.
AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi

Former First Lady Barbara Bush, the wife of America’s 41st president and mother of its 43rd, passed away on Tuesday evening in Houston, Texas, with her husband of 73 years holding her hand.

The Bush family matriarch’s iconic life spanned nearly a century and afforded her a front row seat to the seminal moments of American political history over multiple administrations, from Nixon to Trump.

From her then-fiancé George H.W. Bush’s service as a Navy pilot in World War II, to her husband’s presidency during the fall of the Soviet Union, and her son George W. Bush’s presidency during the 9/11 terror attacks and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Barbara Bush’s life encompassed America’s greatest tragedies and triumphs in a century-long ascent as a super power.

This is her life in photos.

Barbara Pierce, the future Barbara Bush, is shown in her graduation photo from Ashley Hall, a finishing school in Charleston, S.C., in 1943. (AP Photo)

In this 1955 file photo, George H.W. Bush, left, and Barbara Bush pose with their son, George W. Bush, in Rye, N.Y. The Bushes were married Jan. 6, 1945, and have had the longest marriage of any presidential couple in American history. (George Bush Presidential Library via AP, File)

The Bush Family in Houston, Texas, 1964, prior to George H.W. Bush’s Victorious Race for United States Congress. George W. Bush is at far right. (AP Photo)

George Bush, candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, gets returns by phone at his headquarters in Houston, Saturday, June 6, 1964 as his wife Barbara, beams her pleasure at the news. (AP Photo/Ed Kolenovsky)

Mrs. George Bush walking on New York’s Park Avenue, April 13, 1971. (AP Photo)

President Gerald Ford, right, and first lady Betty Ford, second from left, visit with George Bush, chief of the United States Liaison office, and his wife Barbara at the U.S. Liaison in Peking, China, Dec. 4, 1975. (AP Photo)

George Bush is sworn in as new director of the Central Intelligence Agency by Supreme Court Associate Justice Potter Stewart, left, as Mrs Barbara Bush and President Gerald Ford, at right, look on at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., January 30, 1976. Bush succeeds William Colby who retired. (AP Photo)

George Bush beams as some of his family members applaud at the National Press Club in Washington on Tuesday, May 1, 1979, where he formally announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. From left are: John E. (Jeb), a son; Columba, a daughter-in-law; Marvin, a son; Dorothy, a daughter; Mrs. Barbara Bush, his wife; and Bush. (AP Photo/Taylor)

Former CIA director George Bush and his wife, Barbara, smile and shake hands with supporters as Bush left a Concord hotel ballroom after he spoke with supporters in Concord on Tuesday, Feb. 26, 1980. Bush, who was seeking the Republican presidential nomination, received 22 percent of the vote, while rival Ronald Reagan received 52 percent. (AP Photo)

Republican presidential aspirant George Bush speaks at the National Press Club, May 1, 1979, in Washington, using the occasion to formally announce his bid for the White House. Mrs. Barbara Bush, his wife, applauds behind him. (AP Photo/Jeff Taylor)

Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan and his running mate George Bush are shown on the podium of Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, July 17, 1980, as the final curtain draws near on the 1980 Republican National Convention. Nancy Reagan stands left, Barbara Bush, right. (AP Photo)

Nancy Reagan, right, and Barbara Bush, left, wives of the GOP nominee for president and vice president, hold an open air press conference, Sept. 16, 1980, in the Baltimore Inner Harbor, MD. The wives toured the downtown area while campaigning for their husbands. (AP Photo/William A. Smith)

Nancy Reagan, left and Barbara Bush, right, wives of the GOP nominees for President and Vice President, plead to a crowd lining a balcony for their votes in this November’s general election on Sept. 15, 1980, in Baltimore, MD. The wives toured the Baltimore Inner Harbor while campaigning for their husbands. (AP Photo/William Smith)

Outgoing President Jimmy Carter, second from right, waves farewell at the Capitol in Washington Jan,20, 1981, after President Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the nation’s 40th President. From left are: Vice President George Bush; President Ronald Reagan; Barbara Bush; Nancy Reagan; Jimmy Carter; and outgoing Vice President Walter Mondale. Visible at center is Maureen Reagan and Patti Davis, daughters of President Reagan. At upper right is Ronald P. Reagan and his wife Doris. (AP Photo)

President Ronald Reagan is welcomed back to the White House by Barbara Bush, wife of the Vice President in Washington, April 11, 1981. Reagan was released from the hospital 12 days after he was shot in the chest by a would-be assassin. (AP Photo)

Barbara Bush, wife of Vice-President George Bush, talks with children in a Philadelphia elementary school, Tuesday, May 26, 1981. The school, which bills itself as “back to basics” has a dress code and tough grading with firm rules for students. (AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy)

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher pets Vice President Bush’s dog, Thursday, Sept. 29, 1983, at the Bush residence in Washington. Barbara Bush, wife of the Vice President, looks on at right. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

President Reagan shares a laugh with first lady Nancy Reagan and Vice President and Mrs. George Bush at night on Wednesday, August 22, 1984, in Dallas after the Republican National Convention nominated him for a second term. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Democratic vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro, right, shakes hands with Mrs. Barbara Bush, wife of Vice President George Bush, who is greeted by son Marvin, left, following debate in Philadelphia, Thursday, Oct. 12, 1984. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, right, stand with Vice President George Bush and Barbara Bush following the oaths in the Capitol Building in Washington on Jan. 21, 1985. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty, File)

Mrs. Barbara Bush, wife of Vice-President George Bush, throws out the first ball, Saturday, April 27, 1985 during a Mets vs. Pirates Baseball game at Shea Stadium in New York. She was there as a member of RIF, Reading is Fundamental, program board of directors. At her side is nine-year-old Mayra Martinez, the New York City RIF Reader. (AP Photo/G. Paul Burnett)

U.S. Vice-President George H.W. Bush and wife Barbara Bush as they toured the Guilin area, Oct. 13, 1985 in China. (AP Photo/Neal Ulevich)

United States Vice President George H.W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush enjoy some early morning fun with their grandchildren (l to r: Pierce, Barbara, Jenna, Marshall, Margaret Bush, Jeb Jr., and Sam), at Walker’s Point, Kennebunkport, Maine on August 22, 1987. (AP Photo)

Vice President George Bush and wife, Barbara, wave to supporters that turned out in Houston, Texas, to hear him announce he was a candidate for the Republican nomination for president of the United States, Oct. 12, 1987. (AP Photo/Ed Kolenovsky)

Vice President George H W Bush holds up a Texas Victory shirt as wife, Barbara, watches during his victory celebration on March 8, 1988, in Houston. Bush won big in the super Tuesday primaries. (AP Photo/Ed Kolenovsky)

Vice President George Bush and his wife Barbara Bush are shown during a fundraiser in Washington where he picked up the endorsement of President Reagan in his bid to become the next president of the United States, May 12, 1988. (AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)

Vice-President George Bush waves while sitting for a family picture outside St. Ann’s Church, Sunday, August 7, 1988 in Kennebunkport, Maine. Sitting next to Bush is his mother Dorothy and his wife Barbara (in red), followed by son George W. Bush and son Jeb Bush seated far right. (AP Photo/Herb Swanson)

Vice President George H. W. Bush, center, poses with his family outside St. Anns Church, Sunday, Aug. 8, 1988, Kennebunkport, ME. The Bush family from left front row: Neil Bush, Pierce Bush, Lauren Bush, Dorothy Bush, and Ellie LeBlond. The rest of the children in the front row are unidentified. Second row from left: an unidentified woman, Laura Bush, Jenna Bush, George H. W. Bush, Dorothy Bush and Barbara Bush. Back row from left are: Jeb Bush, George P. Bush and Noelle Bush. (AP Photo/Herb Swanson)

Vice President George Bush and his wife Barbara Bush are shown as they depart Andrews Air Force Base, Md., Aug. 16, 1988. They met at the air force base to fly together to New Orleans. (AP Photo/Win McNamee)

Vice President George Bush and his wife Barbara, left, stand with Senator Dan Quayle, R-Ind., and his wife Marilyn, right, on the podium Thursday, Aug. 18, 1988 at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

President-elect George H.W. Bush, right, and his wife Barbara, wave to the crowd at a victory celebration rally, Tuesday, Nov. 8, 1988, Houston, Tex. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

President-elect George Bush and his wife Barbara are shown during a morning beachfront news conference in Gulf Stream, Fla., Nov. 14, 1988. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Barbara Bush, wife of President-Elect George Bush, smiles as James Duffy, President of ABC-Capital Cities, places a medal around her neck during the National Literary Honors Dinner, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 1988, in Washington. The future first lady was honored for her literacy efforts. (AP Photo/J.Scott Applewhite)

President-elect George H. W. Bush waves as he walks with wife Barbara, and family dog Millie, on arrival in Kennebunkport, Maine for the Thanksgiving Holiday, Nov. 23, 1988. (AP Photo/David M. Tenenbaum)

President-elect George W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush, left, and Vice President-elect Dan Quayle and Mrs. Marilyn Quayle wave during the opening inaugural event at the Lincoln Memorial, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 1989 in Washington. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

President George Bush raises his right hand as he is sworn into office as the 41st president of the United States by Chief Justice William Rehnquist outside the west front of the Capitol on Jan. 20, 1989. First lady Barbara Bush holds the bible for her husband. Former President Reagan is in the background. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty)

Former President Ronald Reagan, left, his wife Nancy Reagan, new first lady Barbara Bush and her husband President George Bush, right, walk down the Capitol steps after the inaugural ceremony in Washington, D.C., Friday, Jan. 20, 1989. President Bush was sworn in as the nation’s 41st president. The Reagans are heading to an awaiting helicopter to take them to Andrews Air Force Base, MD., and onto California. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

President George H.W. Bush and first lady Barbara Bush lead the Inaugural Parade down Pennsylvania Avenue after he was sworn-in as 41st President of the United States at the US Capitol on January 20, 1989. (AP Photo)

President George H.W. Bush and wife, Barbara dance at the inaugural ball at the Pension Building in Washington, on Friday, Jan. 20, 1989. (AP Photo/Scott Applewhite)

President George H. W..Bush and his wife Barbara, kneel and pray during the National Prayer Service Sunday, Jan. 22, 1989, at the Washington Cathedral in Washington. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

U.S.First lady Barbara Bush reads a story to children at Martha’s Table Day Care Center, a nonprofit center which also feeds the homeless, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 1989, in Washington. Teaching children to read is one of Mrs. Bush’s projects. (AP Photo/Bob Daugherty)

First lady Barbara Bush reads to a group of day care students at the Library of Congress in Washington, March 7, 1989, celebrating “1989-Year of the Young Reader.” (AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)

First lady Barbara Bush holds an infant identified as Donavan during a visit to Grandma’s House in Washington, March 22, 1989. Grandma’s House serves as a house for infants and small children infected with the AIDS virus. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

First lady Barbara Bush and her granddaughter, Marshall Lloyd Bush, visit with first dog Millie and her six puppies in the residence of the White House on March 18, 1989. Millie, a springer spaniel who was “first dog” in the Bush White House and namesake of a book that offered a dog’s-eye view of the presidency, died Monday, May 19, 1997, at the Bush summer home in Maine. She was 12. (AP Photo/White House, David Valdez)

First lady Barbara Bush watches Millie, the family dog, and her newborn puppies in the White House Rose Garden Wednesday, March 29, 1989 in Washington. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

President George H.W. Bush holds one of first dog Millie’s six puppies for the press on Wednesday, March 29, 1989, at the White House in Washington. Mother dog Millie gave birth March 27, 1989, with First Lady Barbara Bush serving as midwife according to spokeswomen. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

U.S. President George H. and Mrs. Barbara Bush return to the White House in Washington, Sunday, March 12, 1989, from their weekend at Camp David. Their dog Millie, left, is expecting to give birth to puppies within a week or so. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

First lady Barbara Bush is greeted by Millie and her puppy BJ as she arrives at the White House in Washington, June 4, 1989, from a weekend at their Kennebunkport, Maine home. Mrs. Bush accompanied the President to the recent NATO summit. (AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)

As President-elect George Bush and dog Millie look on, his wife Barbara decorates the Christmas Tree at Bush’s Washington residence, Dec. 11, 1988. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

U.S. President George Bush admires the Harry S. Truman Award for distinguished service that first lady Barbara Bush received from the Association of Community and Junior Colleges at their convention in Washington, Thursday, March 30, 1989. (AP Photo/Barry Thumma)

First lady Barbara Bush holds the Hugh O’Brian Foundation’s Albert Schweitzer Award after being presented with it by actor Hugh O’Brian, right, April 25, 1989, in New York. Mrs. Bush was honored for her work motivating the nation’s youth. (AP Photo/Ed Bailey)

First lady Barbara Bush and Mila Mulroney, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, help school children with their reading at the Parklawn Elementary School in Fairfax County, Va., May 4, 1989. Mrs. Mulroney is visiting Washington with her husband. (AP Photo/Barry Thumma)

First lady Barbara Bush throws out the first pitch before the start of the Texas Rangers game against the New York Yankees in Arlington, Texas, May 5, 1989. Mrs. Bush’s son, George W. Bush, is an owner of the Texas Rangers. (AP Photo/Bill Janscha)

First lady Barbara Bush honors the flag before giving the commencement address at Bennett College in Greensboro, N.C., May 14, 1989. (AP Photo/Bob Jordan)

U.S. President George Bush and his wife Barbara, wave as they return from a boat trip in Kennebunkport, Maine, Thursday, May 18, 1989. The President joined his wife at their Oceanside vacation home for an extended weekend where they will host French President Francois Mitterrand later in the week. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

U.S. President George Bush leans over the stern of his boat to work on a troubled engine off the Maine coast near Kennebunkport, Maine, Thursday, May 18, 1989, as his wife, Barbara, left, and an unidentified service agent look on. (AP Photo/Pat Wallenbach)

Pope John Paul II presents first lady Barbara Bush with a Vatican Medal as President George H.W. Bush looks at his medal during a ceremony at the Vatican, as seen in a photo from Saturday evening, May 27, 1989. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

President and Mrs. Bush pose with Queen Elizabeth, Thursday, June 1, 1989, in London at Buckingham palace where the queen hosted a lunch for the first family. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

U.S. President George Bush and Barbara Bush stand with Britain’s Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at London Heathrow Airport in London, after she welcomed him to London, Wednesday, May 31, 1989. President Bush visited London, on his way home following the NATO Summit in Brussels and a visit to West Germany. (AP Photo)

U.S. first lady Barbara Bush, center, kisses British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on leaving 10 Downing Street in London, Thursday June 1, 1989, after a banquet in honor of American President Bush and his wife. Thatcher’s husband Denis smiles at left. (AP Photo/Gillian Allen)

First lady Barbara Bush waves to the crowd as she and U.S. President George H. W. Bush, attend a wreath laying ceremony at the memorial of the Lenin shipyard, July 11, 1989 in Gdansk, Poland. Later the presidential couple continued its tour in Europe departing for Hungary. (AP Photo/Haribert Proappar)

U.S. President George W. Bush and Mrs. Barbara Bush wave from Tiananman Square in Beijing, Saturday, Feb. 25, 1989. Bush stopped his motorcade as it passed through the square, got out and mixed with the people. In the background is a portrait of Mao Zidong. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

U.S. Vice President George H. W. Bush, right, and his wife Barbara Bush pose in front of the Taj Mahal, the 17th century monument to love was built by a Mughal Emperor Sahajahan in memory of his beloved queen who bore 14 children, Saturday, May 13, 1984, Agra, India. (AP Photo/Sondeep Shankar)

President George H.W. Bush, right, with first lady Barbara Bush, left, is seen at his home talking on the phone with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev from Walkers Point, Kennebunkport, Maine, Aug. 21, 1991. The attempted coup of the Soviet government appears to have failed and Gorbachev will be returning to Moscow. (AP Photo/White House/Susan Biddle)

First lady Barbara Bush, center left, joins Rep. Claudine Schneider, R-R.I., center, in a dance class at the Cranston, R.I., Senior Services Center, June 13, 1989, during a tour of facility. The Cranston Senior Service Center was designated one of the best senior centers in the country, by the Dept. of Health and Human Services in 1988. (AP Photo/David M. Tenenbaum)

First Lady Barbara Bush is shown a glove used in teaching Braille at the Laski School for the Blind in Warsaw on Monday, July 10, 1989. Mrs. Bush is accompanying the president on a ten-day trip to Europe which includes the Economic Summit in Paris. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

First lady Barbara Bush chats with Big Bird and several children while taping a special segment of PBS’ “Sesame Street” for its 21st season, Oct. 19, 1989, at the Children’s Television Workshop in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

First lady Barbara Bush holds hands with six-year-old Rachel Daly of Cypress, Texas, during a visit with cancer patients at the M.D. Anderson Hospital of the Texas Medical Center in Houston, July 11, 1990. Eight-year-old Christina Rodriguez of Edcouch, Texas wears a mask. (AP Photo/Greg Gibson)

First lady Barbara Bush holds Dominic Bines, 3, during a visit to the Model Learning Center in Washington, Jan. 22, 1990. The Learning Center is a children’s museum that functions at a test site for the District of Columbia school system. (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

First Lady Barbara Bush, left, takes a stab at pool as she visits with elementary students at the game room of the Boys and Girls Club, Tuesday, Feb. 27, 1990, Southeast Washington, D.C. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

First Lady Barbara Bush, center, is all smiles while being greeted by graduates at St. Louis University, Saturday, May 19, 1990, St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Bush gave the commencement address to the 1,488 graduate and was later given an honorary doctor of humanities degree by the university. (AP Photo/James A. Finley)

First lady Barbara Bush poses with chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Colin Powell, during a reception in Washington, Sept. 18, 1990. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

First lady Barbara Bush looks out over Hopi Point during her first visit to the Grand Canyon, April 13, 1991. Mrs. Bush was at the Canyon to kick off celebration for the 75th anniversary of the National Park Service. (AP Photo/Jeff Robbins)

First Lady Barbara Bush, her granddaughter Barbara, and dog Millie wait on the steps of the White House for President Bush to return from his check-up at Bethesda Naval Hospital on Friday, Sept. 13, 1991, in Washington. (AP Photo/Barry Thumma)

President George Bush, departing for a week long campaign trip, gets a kiss from wife Barbara on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, March 4, 1992. Family dog Millie looks on. (AP Photo/Barry Thumma)

First lady Barbara Bush is pictured campaigning for her husband, 1992,. (AP Photo)

First Lady Barbara Bush, left, walks with First Lady-to-be Hillary Clinton at the White House, Thursday, Nov. 19, 1992, Washington, D.C. Mrs. Bush gave Mrs. Clinton a tour of the White House. The Bush family dog Millie can be seen in the background. (AP Photo/Doug Mills)

Former first lady Barbara Bush “strains” to hear a reporters question while posing with other former first ladies, on Wednesday, May 11, 1994, at the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington. Joining Mrs. Bush, from left are; Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan. The women are in Washington to attend National Garden Gala-A Tribute to America’s First Ladies. Mrs. Bush’s response was to a question on a former White House usher who was fired recently by current first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. (AP Photo/Denis Paquin)

Republican candidate for governor George W. Bush gives two thumbs up to the crowd as his wife Laura, and mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, join him on Thursday, Oct. 27, 1994, in Houston. They attended an anti-drug rally for students in the Spring Branch Independent School District. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Republican presidential hopeful Bob Dole gestures as he poses for pictures during a photo opportunity with, left to right, Joanne Kemp, Vice presidential hopeful Jack Kemp, Elizabeth Dole, former President George Bush and Barbara Bush, far right in San Diego, Calif., Monday afternoon, Aug. 12, 1996. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, center, points out residents of a retirement community to his mother, former first lady Barbara Bush, during a campaign stop Monday, Oct. 21, 2002, in Cape Coral, Fla. Florida first lady Columba Bush sits at right. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Texas Gov. George W. Bush, right, gives his mother, Barbara Bush , a hug after taking a family photo Thursday, June 10, 1999, in Houston. The Bush family gathered to celebrate former president George Bush and Barbara’s birthdays. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Former President George Bush waves after he and wife Barbara arrive at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia on Monday, July 31, 2000. (AP Photo/Hillery Smith Garrison)

President Bush, second right, and first lady Laura Bush, right, leave Saint John’s Church in Washington, Sunday, Jan 27, 2002, with former President George H. W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush after attending Sunday service. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Former first lady Barbara Bush makes a point as she campaigns for her son, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Fla.,Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2002. (AP Photo/Marta Lavandier)

Five former first ladies gather for a group photo at a gala 20th anniversary fundraising event saluting Betty Ford and the Betty Ford Center Friday, Jan. 17, 2003, in Indian Wells, Calif. From left are Rosalynn Carter, Barbara Bush, Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. President and Mrs. George W. Bush sent a videotaped tribute. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

President Bush shares a laugh with his mother Barbara Bush on Earth Day at the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve, Thursday, April 22, 2004, in Wells, Maine.(AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson)

President Bush kisses his mother, Barbara Bush, at the Capitol in Washington Thursday, Jan. 20, 2005, after being sworn in for a second term. (AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

President Bush, right, leans over to listen to his mother Barbara Bush as he holds a discussion on “Senior Security” at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta, Ga., Friday, July 22, 2005. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Barbara Bush seen with her dog Millie at the beach in Florida. (AP Photo)

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama watch as former first lady Barbara Bush gives the thumbs up to guests during the dedication of the George W. Bush Presidential Center Thursday, April 25, 2013, in Dallas. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

President Barack Obama shares a laugh with former first lady Barbara Bush at the dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library on the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Thursday, April 25, 2013. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Barbara Bush, center, jokes with her son, Republican presidential candidate, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, while introducing him at a town hall meeting at West Running Brook Middle School in Derry, N.H., Thursday Feb. 4, 2016. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Former President George H. W. Bush, left, walks with his wife, former first lady Barbara Bush, followed by their son, President George W. Bush, and his wife first lady Laura Bush, to a reception in honor of the Points of Light Institute, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009, in the East Room at the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

First lady Barbara Bush, with her pet dog Millie, talks to reporters in Washington, Sept. 11, 1990. (AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)


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