Joe Biden Crumbles Under Pressure from Reporter After Tough Talk on Terrorists

Joe Biden hand-wringing (Drew Angerer / Getty)
Drew Angerer / Getty

President Joe Biden tried to sound tough to the terrorists who killed 13 American soldiers on Thursday but crumbled in real time when challenged by White House Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

“We will not forgive. We will not forget. We will hunt you down and make you pay,” Biden said, reading his speech from his teleprompter.

After his speech, Biden took questions, calling on a list of preapproved reporters given to him from his staff. He ultimately called on Doocy, describing him as “the most interesting guy in the press.”

Doocy ask Biden if he would take responsibility for the deaths of the 12 American troops and his chaotic and deadly exit from Afghanistan.

Biden said he did take responsibility but pointedly noted to Doocy that it was former President Donald Trump who made the withdrawal deal with the Taliban.

“Remember that? I’m being serious. No. I’m asking you a question. No. No. No. Wait a minute. I’m asking you a question. Is that accurate…” he bickered with Doocy.

Clutching the leather folder of his remarks and notes, Biden bowed down in frustration as Doocy followed up with additional questions about the Taliban.

Biden acknowledged that the exit from Afghanistan was “messy,” but repeated that the short period of peace in the region was a result of Trump’s agreement with the Taliban.

When Doocy asked if the president stood by his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan.

“Yes, I do,” he replied. “Because look at it this way folks…”

He paused and indicated he was preparing to leave the room.

“I’m going to… I have another meeting for real,” he said before continuing to answer Doocy’s question.


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