Watch: Stacey Abrams’ TikTok Debut Features Campaign Manager Flipping the Bird

Lauren Groh-Wargo
@staceyabrams/TikTok, screenshot

Georgia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ first TikTok video, posted Thursday, features Abrams’ campaign manager giving two middle fingers during a dance to a viral Lizzo song.

Lauren Groh-Wargo, who was Abrams’ campaign manager in her failed 2018 bid and is now working in that same role again, made the obscene gesture during a part of the song “About Damn Time” in which Lizzo sings, “Cause I give a fuck way too much. I’ma need like two shots in my cup.”


Abrams, a former state representative and prolific voting rights activist, formally won her uncontested gubernatorial primary Tuesday and is now facing a rematch with Gov. Brian Kemp (R), who narrowly beat Abrams in 2018.

Kemp is entering the race with Abrams on the heels of beating former Sen. David Perdue in a rout on Tuesday, winning what had been a heated primary battle by about 50 points.

Despite Abrams’ rolling out a new TikTok account, Kemp’s campaign told Breitbart News it does not plan to create an account on the app for the governor.

The video Abrams shared also features participants who appear to be staff and supporters, though Groh-Wargo is the only one giving the middle fingers.

Her campaign chose a popular song and dance on TikTok, one that has been used for nearly three million videos on the app between the top two clips of the song.

While many TikTok users dancing to the song have adopted the middle finger maneuver, many others have chosen to omit it. One user with more than five million followers, Kelli Erdmann, posted her version of the dance but skipped over the bird flipping and also bleeped out the curse, for instance.

Kemp campaign press secretary Tate Mitchell shared a screengrab of Groh-Wargo and referenced Abrams’ controversial comment last weekend that Georgia “is the worst state in the country to live in.”

Mitchell wrote, “In less than one week Abrams said Georgia is ‘the worst’ and her campaign manager posted a video flipping off the masses. Steady as she goes, guys!”

In what appeared to be a response to criticisms, Groh-Wargo wrote on social media, “I’m the first to admit – @lizzo did it better.”

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