Former FBI Assist. Dir. Ron Hosko: Black Lives Matter More Anti-Cop Movement Than About Saving Black Lives


Ron Hosko, former assistant director of the FBI and current president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF), made the case to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon that the Black Lives Matter movement is more an anti-police movement than a movement purely concerned with saving Black lives from violence.

Hosko cited Chicago to, in part, make his case. “That carnage up there every week,” he said, “first of all, it is not drawing Black Lives Matter protesters.” Elaborating, he said:

They’re nowhere near Chicago. They should have a permanent encampment in Chicago if they care this much about black lives. Their rhetoric is directed at cops, singularly directed at cops. They’re doing nothing to cure the problem in Chicago. And the problem there is not the cop versus citizen violence; it’s citizen versus citizen violence, and more often than not, it’s Black versus Black.

Asked about the prospect of American cities basically “losing” their police departments,” Hosko said:

You can see it happening. My former boss Jim Comey has been talking about the Ferguson effect. I know early on, he was criticized by the White House and others about having no data. Well, now, there is starting to be data where we see the police pulling back from those stops and those citizen contacts that we need to keep us safe – that marginal policing. We’re seeing in some cities a steep drop in those police and citizen contacts. Look at Chicago, a great example where the police have pulled back, where they feel like they’re under attack, and you see the crime rate spiking in almost direct correlation to what’s going on in policing.

Hosko called the Dallas police assassinations an “incredibly unusual event,” while also pointing out that “there are assaults on police across America, by FBI calculations, 50,000 or more times a year. So, that’s an occurrence that happens multiple times every day, where police are assaulted and hurt – too many killed in the line of duty.”

Hosko went on to explain that the LELDF is needed due to “charges being placed against police officers.” He stated that these charges are “unsupported by the facts” and “are being driven against police based on politics.”

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