Milo: It’s An Islam Problem, Not an Islamic Terror Problem

ORLANDO, FL - JUNE 15: Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative columnist and internet personalit

Milo Yiannopoulos appeared today on Buckshot: The Buck Sexton Show to discuss the warning of Europe’s experience with mass Muslim immigration and to warn gay people that they cannot rely on the regressive left to protect them anymore.

“My message to gays it that the left does not have your back. They’re not interested really in protecting minorities. You may have many listeners who are Christians that may not totally be down with the gay thing, I understand that, I’m a gay Catholic I wrestled with these things myself but ultimately these people are Americans”

“There’s a hate mosque in the north of Orlando where this guy was hosted three weeks ago that said the compassionate thing to do for America was to kill all gays, this is the type of stuff that’s being preached in America every day. It gives rise to the horrible atrocities we’ve seen in Orlando and the left doesn’t really care about this we’ve seen them make excuses for Islam in the days that have past, we’ve seen them criticise people that dare to make the connection between Islam and what happened.”

“Muslims don’t like Jews very much and it seems the only people that are surprised by this are our esteemed media but I think it’s clear now that all the hand wringing from Democrat politicians and all the pearl clutching, even in some cases from Republicans, is not going to help save lives.”

“What needs to happen now is a real reckoning in america, an understanding that this isn’t an Islamic terror problem, this is an Islam problem. 100 million people live in a country where the penalty for homosexuality is death, a 1001 out of 1001 british muslims, 100% believe that homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle choice. And every once in a while that attitude spills over into things like this and I think the gay community is tired of hearing politicians make excuses for islam, is tired of hearing journalists lie and skirt around the problem. Is looking for people to be honest about how that community can protect itself and in my view that is making full use of the first and second amendments”

“The best thing gay people can do now is educate themselves properly on the threats that they face, be prepared and go out wearing a gun if they can because this is a serious problem and American problems have shown no willingness whatsoever to adequately or honestly educate women or homosexuals living in these communities were these hate preachers are winding up troubled young men and sending them off to commit horrible acts”


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