Author Michael Malice on The Milo Show Discusses Madeleine Albright’s Deference to Kim Jong-Il

AP Photo/Chien-min Chung
AP Photo/Chien-min Chung

Author and columnist Michael Malice joined the Milo Yiannopoulos Show this week to discuss his book, Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong-Il.

“What’s the thing in the book that sticks out the most?” asked Milo, before Malice responded excitedly.

“That’s easy! Easy question. There’s two things, I’ll give you the first one first,” he replied.

“A lot of the claims they make about Kim Jong-Il, we read them and think ‘oh my god this is nuts’, one of them they claimed which is true is that he could shrink time. And you’re reading this and you’re like, ‘what does it mean he can shrink time?’, well he’s at a meeting and there’s a conference speaker and he’s working on laws, and at the same time his aides are constantly interrupting him, and the conference speaker keeps stopping, and Kim Jong-Il says ‘why are you stopping?’, and he goes ‘well you’re working on all of these papers’. He goes ‘no, no, I can do all of these things at once’, and from that moment on, people realized that Kim Jong-Il looked at time not as a plain, but as a cube, and that he could shrink time. I told some of my friends and she’s like ‘does he mean multi-tasking?’, and yes that’s literally what he means, and apparently he’s the only person in North Korea capable of doing this”.

“And the other thing that was amazing in the book, there’s a chapter where Madeleine Albright comes to visit and they say that her mood is expressed through whatever pin she wears, and when she met Kim Jong-Il she had a pin of a heart to show her love for him” continued Malice. “And I thought okay this is nuts, and anything in the book I authenticated with western sources… I found a photo of her wearing the pin walking down the hall with him, so this was actually true, and she wrote a book about how she wears pins to express her views, and she wore a heart, and she raised a glass to this dictator while there’s concentration camps miles away.”

“Do you think it’s a signal that he should have more compassion or she was just saying ‘props bro’?” questioned Milo.

“I think this was deference to someone who she thought was powerful,” Malice replied. “And I mean for her to wag her finger and say there’s a special place in hell for women who don’t support Hillary Clinton, it’s like, there’s a real special place in hell for…”

“…People who wear pin badges with hearts on when they have told people they wear pin badges that reflect their mood, to meet the North Korean dictator,” interrupted Milo.

Malice agreed, adding, “Who toasts someone who starves children for political purposes, yes.”

“Wow,” said Milo in awe.

“Horrible woman,” stated Malice.

“And you can tell she’s horrible just by looking at her because she looks like an owl,” joked Malice, prompting Milo to laugh.

“This is what I said you see, nasty. Nasty, mean spirited, sassy Michael Malice,” Milo teased.

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