Charles Barkley to CNN: Hillary Clinton ‘Makes Me Uncomfortable’


Never at a loss for words, NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley speaks his mind clearly and definitively. However, his mind doesn’t seem quite made up when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

Speaking on Wednesday to CNN, Barkley addressed what he called Hillary’s “many negatives”:

Funny, Barkley says the fact that he has a daughter makes him especially loathe to condone any form of “sexual harassment” or “sexual assault.” That along with what he perceives as Trump’s generalizing comments toward Muslims and Hispanics, makes it so he “clearly” can’t vote for the “other guy.”

Yet, wouldn’t the fact that Clinton openly laughed about a child rape case that she tried as an attorney, one in which she basically blamed the child for being raped by a much older man, make it so that Barkley “clearly” wouldn’t support her either?



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