ESPN, Disney Hire Keith Olbermann — Again — Despite Vicious Attacks on Women

Keith Olbermann

Conservative Commentator S.E. Cupp shared a letter that her mother wrote to ESPN re-hire Keith Olbermann, in response to a tweet from Olbermann in which he suggested that S.E. Cupp was “a perfect demonstration of the necessity of the work Planned Parenthood does.”

Cupp shared the letter, written after an incident in 2011, in a tweet Wednesday night:

After conservative Twitter followers took Olbermann to task for saying Cupp’s parent should have had an abortion, which he technically didn’t say, Olbermann responded:

Olbermann clarified by saying, “I never mentioned abortion. I said [Cupp’s] parents could have used counseling by PP rather than get the results they did.”

The Jon Kyl reference was in response to comments the Arizona senator had made at the time, in which he said that abortions comprise “well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.”

While Olbermann may not have wished an abortion on Cupp, saying that her parents could have benefited from the counseling of abortionists —who may very well have advised them to have one — is not exactly the kind of comment one would expect from a Disney-owned network.

Moreover it’s a comment that one would think might give ESPN and parent company Disney, some pause about Olbermann. Especially in light of the “Magic Kingdom’s” recent canceling of Roseanne.

This week, Disney CEO and rumored Democrat presidential candidate Bob Iger, decided to cancel Roseanne after the show’s namesake likened former Obama Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett to a cross between the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes.

While Barr’s termination is justified based on what she said, one wonders how Olbermann’s hire can be justified based on what he has said?

Nor is this the first time Olbermann has singled out women for his vitriol. In 2010, Olbermann called Bristol Palin — daughter of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin — the “worst person in the world.” After Palin’s appearance in an ad promoting abstinence and safe sex. Olbermann called the then-20-year-old a hypocrite for doing the ad, since she gave birth to her son Tripp as an unmarried teenager.

Olbermann also called Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway a “wretched human,” and a “fascist:”

In addition to Olbermann’s personal “War on Women,” the former, former ESPN host also authored a book, titled: Trump Is F*cking Crazy (This Is Not a Joke)

Th former MSNBC and Current host, has also authored dozens of tweets calling President Trump a “Nazi,” normally accompanied by numerous four-letter expletives.
Add that on to Olbermann’s statement that Cupp’s parents should have sought the counseling of abortionists, and a stark contradiction begins to appear.

If Barr’s racist tweet falls outside the Disney value structure, then how exactly does Olbermann’s obscenity-laced hatred of President Trump, frequent attacks on female conservatives, and his classless Planned Parenthood comments, fit within Disney’s core values?

It’s a fair question to ask, and one that Disney’s heavily-rumored Democrat presidential hopeful CEO should have to answer. Unless of course, Bob Iger sees himself as more presidential candidate than CEO. In which case, it would appear we have our answer.

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