WATCH: Girl Demands Student Take Off Trump Hat as University Is a ‘Safe Space’


A student wearing a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat at Mount Royal University faced a confrontation after a female student ordered to him to take it off because “hate language” was not allowed at the university.

In the video, she approaches the boy and demands he takes the hat off, telling him that he is “not allowed to share hate language at the university.”

“‘Make America Great Again’ means make America all for white people, no immigrants, [and] no people of different sexual orientations,” she continued.

At one point the girl, Zoe Slusar, threatens the student, “You’ve gotta take the hat off, or I’m going to write the president of the university and he’s gonna come and talk to you.”

“It’s not allowed, it’s hate language on campus. You can deal with me or you can deal with [Mount Royal University President] David Docherty,” she warns. When the student filming the confrontation laughed in response to her claim, Slusar said, “You can laugh, cuz it’s so gonna happen, and I can’t wait.”

Melanie Rogers, a spokeswoman for Mount Royal University, said the university was aware of the video but would not comment.

“Mount Royal University respects individuals who exercise their constitutionally-protected right to freedom of expression, as long as it is peaceful and respectful,” Rogers said.

However, another student steals the hat from the student’s head and refuses to return it before the video ends.

Slusar later posted her perspective of the incident, in which she told the boy that the “university should be a safe space.”

“I am so deeply saddened… I don’t want to draw anymore attention to the dysfunctional pawns that are being used by a system of power to oppress others,” she said, adding that she stands by her “belief that every space, but especially university spaces, should be made to make everyone feel SAFE.”

The incident is just one of many on college campuses of leftists attempting to prevent people from expressing their support for Trump. 

Others include the unauthorised dismantling of a ‘Trump wall’ on private property at Tulane University, as well as claims by a ‘Bias Response Team’ at Skidmore College that a whiteboard message with the phrase “Trump 2k16” was a “racist attack,” as well as multiple attempts at sabotaging events held by Republican groups rallying support for the presidential candidate. 

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