Latest Episode - Hurricane Equity - Could Ian Be Racist? Guest: Ken Klukowski Previews SCOTUS Season

We begin with an update on Hurricane Ian, its remnants, the damage caused, and the Left's efforts to politicize it. Also, Kamala wants equitable distribution of relief funds. Then we get into the Brazilian presidential election where Jair Bolsonaro overachieved in the first round of voting. He's headed to a runoff with socialist and former felon, Lula da Silva, at the end of the month and it's anyone's ball game. We also discuss having virtual children in the Metaverse, we play a new clip of another Kamala word salad, we share some updates on key political races, and we learn that Pelosi may or may not be a closet racist. Our guest today is Ken Klukowski, who previews the Supreme Court 2022-23 season which begins today.


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