Theodore Bromund

Scotland's Independence Vote: What the United States Has at Stake

Scotland's Independence Vote: What the United States Has at Stake

On Thursday, Scotland will vote in an independence referendum. Polls suggest the vote could go either way. At risk is the continued existence of Great Britain, America’s closest friend and ally. It is for the Scottish people, and the United

Britain's Decline: Entitlements And The Armed Forces

Byron York has a fine piece in the Examiner pointing out that, while Britain has taken a leading role in the Libyan intervention, there is almost nothing left militarily behind the curtain. The entire British stockpile of cruise missiles amounted

Google, Wisconsin, and Distributional Coalitions

Over the past month, Google made waves with the announcement that it has tweaked its search algorithms to penalize ‘content farms.’ These are “low quality sites whose main goal is to attract search traffic by piling up (mostly) useless content.”

Two Cheers for David Cameron on Multiculturalism

I am slightly less encouraged than some commentators by British Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech on “the doctrine of state multiculturalism.” The speech is certainly worth two cheers, and the fact that Cameron has said much of this before is

Reagan Kept Faith in America

American strategy and politics during the Cold War frequently worked from contradictory positions. On the one hand, American strategy, summed up by the doctrine of containment, was to outlast the Soviet Union. That was not a simple thing to do: