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Anti-Human Blogger Blushes Over Her Obsession with Duggars' Bedroom Life

As she should. Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) is a nonprofit outfit which strives to preserve the Golden State’s “future through the stabilization of our state’s human population.” Opponents of amnesty who live in the state are usually well-served by

Mainstream Media: The Southern Poverty Law Center's Partner in Slime

Stooping to a new low, even by Southern Poverty Law Center’s standards, the SPLC recently smeared well-regarded family-values organizations as ‘hate groups’ for championing faith-based moral views, including opposition to gay marriage and support for the military’s DADT policy. The

Why Media Watchdogs Are Necessary: A Case Study

The ongoing need (and demand) for a variety of media voices was evidenced, recently, in a modern morality tale featuring a preacher and his prayer. On Nov. 16th, at the take-the-oath-of-office ceremony for incoming Oklahoma legislators, held at the state

HuffPo's Editorial Omission Smears Tancredo

Oooooh. I’m so frightened, and it’s not even Halloween yet. The Huffington Post mocked Tom Tancredo, former Republican congressman, now American Constitution party candidate for governor of Colorado, as a bigoted (“a healthy dislike for anything remotely Hispanic”) man of

Patriotic Immigration Reform Movement Loses a Warrior

The patriotic immigration reform movement lost one of its most creative warriors last week. Terry Anderson, the self-described “prisoner of South Central,” an African-American Los Angeles talk show host, succumbed to pancreatic cancer and died on July 7. Anderson was

Si, se puede! — Yes, We Can Enforce the Arizona Law

La Raza, MALDEF, MEChA, and all the rest of the shameless open-borders crowd should be quaking in their collectivist sandals. A fiery, well-spoken, and very wise Latina says that Arizona has the right to “protect our state from foreign invasion.”

Rand Paul Wanders Into MSNBC Lion's Den, Gets Words Ravaged

Mark my words. Rand Paul is never, ever going to appear on the Rachel Maddow show again. The newly-minted Kentucky GOP senatorial candidate’s interview with Maddow, about the Civil Rights Act of 1964, got testy, as exchanges about race in

Re: Arizona, Mother Jones's MoJo Not Working So Well

Mother Jones prides itself on “smart, fearless journalism.” So, let’s see how MoJo did with a recent profile of Kris Kobach, University of Missouri/Kansas City law professor and Republican candidate for Kansas’s secretary of state position, who was described in

In Oklahoma, the AP Gets It Wrong One More Time

Charles Key is a one-man truth squad. The Oklahoma state legislator – who has been a tireless investigator of the Oklahoma City bombing and champion of the Tenth Amendment – was recently misrepresented in an Associated Press report on Tea

Christian Family Has 19 Kids, Liberal Media Sneers

Leave it to PETA to push the envelope. “Doggies Multiply Faster Than Duggars: Be Responsible. Always Spay and Neuter.” That was a billboard campaign that the controversial animal-rights organization wanted to launch in Springdale, Arkansas, near where America’s most fertile

Detroit News Hearts Publik Edukashun, Smears Homeschoolers

Talk about social promotions! Laura Berman, a writer for The Detroit News, recently penned a column about Otis Mathis’ inability to write a coherent sentence. Berman offered readers several examples of Mathis’ unique talent. Here’s one of his emails: If

Mi Causa, Su Causa: a Latina Looks at the N.Y. Times Abortion Debate

Caramba! This phrase, in the New York Times article, about pro-life advocates encouraging greater black participation in the right-to-life cause and taking on the legacy of Margaret Sanger, got my attention: ” … the anti-abortion movement, long viewed as almost

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow No Entiende Inglés

Tom Tancredo’s muy caliente remarks at the recent National Tea Party Convention, in Nashville, outed MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow as a race-baiting demagogue. Here’s what the former Colorado congressman said: “Mostly because, I think, that we do not have a civics

Quarterback Tebow Answers to God, Not the Mainstream Media

Has Tim Tebow gone rogue by agreeing to ‘hawk life’ during Super Bowl XLIV? One advertising executive, Robert Tuchman, says that the University of Florida star quarterback’s decision to appear in an anti-abortion commercial is going to “affect his opportunities

Homeschoolers: Trailer-Park Denizens or Modern Heroes?

It’s one of the more laughable attacks upon homeschoolers ever concocted. And it came courtesy of a handmaiden of the mainstream media, a feminist legal theorist affiliated with the Georgetown University Law Center. Robin L. West, in an essay titled,