Donald Trump is promoting an ad titled, “Deplorable,” to remind voters that Hillary Clinton said half of Trump’s supporters could be put into a “basket of deplorables.”

According to the Trump campaign press release, the ad shows “Hillary Clinton’s true nature” and exposes “her contempt for everyday Americans.”

“’Deplorable’ is a response to the incredibly offensive comments Hillary Clinton made last Friday in front of reporters and her wealthy donor friends, and serves as a call to action for the tens of millions of hard working Americans she viciously demonized – to stand united against the Clinton-led rigged Washington system,” stated Trump’s senior communications adviser.

“These highly offensive and divisive comments reveal the contempt and disgust for everyday Americans that Hillary Clinton has hoped to hide by avoiding the press and running the least-transparent campaign in modern political history.”

The ad will air in the key battleground states of North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.