YouTube Extends Trump Account Suspension – Again

Google-owned video platform YouTube has once again extended its suspension of former President Donald Trump’s account on the platform. In a related move, Youtube also removed Rudy Giuliani from its Partner Program, which allows creators to earn ad revenue from their videos.

AP Photo/Reed Saxon

NFL Players Endorse Amazon Unionization

NFL players have endorsed Amazon warehouse workers’ union drive at a facility in Bessemer, Alabama. The players released a video where they talked about how unionizing can improve wages, benefits, and working conditions at Amazon.

Jeff Bezos released email exchanges which he claims were attempts at extortion and blackmail by the National Enquirer tabloid

Twitter Encourages Users to Snitch on Each Other with ‘Birdwatch’ Feature

Social media giant Twitter has announced a new feature called “Birdwatch” which aims to encourage users to police and flag each other’s tweets if they believe they spread misinformation. The company claims it wants to “broaden the range of voices” fighting against misinformation, but the feature has the potential to devolve into flagging wars between different factions of users.

Jack Dorsey and Twitter employees

BOKHARI: Hunger Games America

Are you sick of 1984 references? I certainly am.

While the Orwell classic is brilliant in many ways, it’s become difficult not to cringe at yet another cliched reference to the Ministry of Truth. The right needs a fresher fictional dystopia.


Tech Workers Flee San Francisco

Employees of tech companies in San Francisco, California, can’t leave the city fast enough, fleeing for the potential tech hubs of tomorrow such as Austin, Texas, and Miami, Florida. One former San Francisco exec said: “what else can God and the world and government come up with to make the place less livable?”

Cars drive along the Golden Gate Bridge under an orange smoke filled sky at midday in San Francisco, California on September 9, 2020. - More than 300,000 acres are burning across the northwestern state including 35 major wildfires, with at least five towns "substantially destroyed" and mass evacuations taking place. …