Davos Globalists Hype Companies Spying on Workers’ Brain Waves

At the World Economic Forum, the annual gathering of globalist elites in Davos, Switzerland, a presentation hyped brain wave monitoring technology to allow employers to detect how hard their employees are working, whether they get distracted, and even if they have “amorous feelings” for coworkers.

MRI Brain Scan

Not So Prime: Amazon’s Sluggish Growth Forecast Causes Stock to Drop

E-commerce giant Amazon recently reported fourth-quarter sales beating analysts’ estimates, but reported its first unprofitable year since 2014 due largely to its fizzling investment in electric truck builder Rivian. The company’s sluggish first-quarter guidance has caused its stock to drop more than four percent in morning trading.

Jeff Bezos at Blue Origin press event ( Joe Raedle /Getty)

Woke EA Updates ‘The Sims’ Game to Give Teen Female Characters Double Mastectomy Scars, Chest Binders

The Sims, a video game produced by Electronic Arts that is particularly popular amongst young women, has announced a new update to the game which allows users the option to make their characters confused about their sex, including giving young female characters double mastectomy scars and chest binders. Popular commentator Libs of TikTok remarked, “They’re teaching young healthy girls that it’s ok to chop off their breasts.”

The Sims transgender characters

Wall Street Loves Zuck: Facebook Stock Soars Despite Earnings Miss as Company Tightens Belt

Facebook (now known as Meta) released its fourth-quarter results on Wednesday, and Wall Street is loving what Mark Zuckerberg has to say despite a significant miss in earnings for the quarter. Although the company suffered its third consecutive quarter of declining revenue and missed its profit target by a considerable margin, Zuckerberg is trumpeting 2023 as the “year of efficiency,” and Facebook shares have jumped almost 20 percent in response.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook creepy smile

Helena Bonham Carter: End ‘The Crown,’ It Left ‘Historic Drama’ Behind for Modern Speculation

Actress Helena Bonham Carter recently insisted that the Netflix drama “The Crown” should be ended because it has strayed from an “historic drama” to a modern fictionalization. Carter, who starred as Queen Elizabeth II’s younger sister Princess Margaret in the third and fourth seasons, feels that the show has gone from quasi historical topics to pure drama that has not connection to the real world of Britain’s royal family.