Human Smugglers Return to ‘Business as Usual’ in Texas County near Border Post-Title 42, Say Police

Law enforcement officials in Zavala County, Texas, say human smugglers are back to business as usual following a brief lull in activity on Texas roadways after the end of the Title 42 COVID-19 expulsion authority. Located a mere 30 miles from the Rio Grande border with Mexico, sheriff’s office deputies in the rural county thwarted 15 migrant smuggling cases in the last seven days.

Deputies in Texas apprehend a group of migrants following a pursuit. (Zavala County Sheriff's Office)

‘Kink Ed:’ California High School Teacher Placed on Leave After Explicit Lesson on Pleasing the ‘Booty Hole’

A teacher at El Dorado High School in Placentia, California, was caught on video instructing her students on how to have pleasure during anal sex, as well as where to find sex toys that will stimulate the prostate gland. According to a district spokesperson, “the individual involved has been placed on administrative leave pending a thorough investigation.”

Two women are holding hands against the light through the LGTBI flag. - stock photo