Nolte: Biden Approval Rating Collapses to 32%, Trump Tops Joe 50-47%

In the wake of a disastrous debate performance, His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s job approval rating collapsed to 32 percent, according to the latest polling from the far-left Pew Research Center. Slow Joe’s disapproval rating jumped to 66 percent. This puts him a whopping 34 points underwater, a record for Biden in this poll.

AP Photos -- Trump v Biden

Exclusive — RNC Co-Chair Dave Bossie on Film Premiere About Trump: ‘Going to Take Back America’

Dave Bossie, the co-chair of the Republican National Convention, spoke to Breitbart News Saturday about the upcoming film Trump’s Rescue Mission: Saving America, which will debut at the convention on July 17, and how it is about “taking back” and “saving” America from President Joe Biden’s disastrous policies and how former President Donald Trump will do it.

President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at the 2020 Council for National Policy Meeting