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About Breitbart News Network

We are one of America’s leading news organizations. We regularly feature original investigative reporting, and publish exclusive interviews with and original content from U.S. and World leaders. We have bureaus in Washington DC, Los Angeles, London, Jerusalem and Rome.

We were first conceived in 2007, when two Jewish-American best friends – Andrew Breitbart and Larry Solov – took a trip to Israel together. There, they decided to partner and create Breitbart News Network based on a few core principles, including:

  • The free and open exchange of ideas is essential to maintaining a robust and healthy republic in America and to promoting freedom and liberty in the world.
  • Freedom flourishes with more voices, not fewer.

Artificial Intelligence Policy

We do not use any synthetic (AI) generated content on our www.breitbart.com website.

Corrections Policy

We are committed to accurate and factual reporting. When we learn about a rare inaccuracy, we correct the error as quickly as possible and run an update and/or editor’s note at the top and/or bottom of the article in question. A Contact Us link is located at the bottom of our website homepage, providing a form for readers to email comments and inquiries, including specifically concerns about factual inaccuracies.


We are a company that prides itself on diversity. We were cited in a 2017 New York Times Magazine profile cover story for our strong track record of promoting women and minorities into leadership positions.

Editorial Independence

We are committed to the truthful and accurate reporting of facts, and where applicable openly acknowledge point-of-view. Breitbart News is a privately-held company, but our duty is to our readers and to the public, not to the private interests of our ownership, nor to any political, advertising, financial, or other special interests.

Opinion vs. News

Breitbart News differentiates opinion articles. Our custom is to provide the writer’s name, followed by a colon, and then the title of piece, e.g., Author: Title.

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