Nolte: Trump-Is-Hitler Media Want ‘Rhetoric Toned Down’ to Avoid Accountability

The corporate media tell us Donald Trump is Hitler, is Mussolini, is a unique threat to democracy, a fascist, a dictator, a Russian spy who stole a presidential election, a rapist, an insurrectionist, and a traitor. The corporate media champion phony impeachments, cheer a federal raid on his home, and validate Joe Biden’s attempt to imprison him, bankrupt him, and take away his businesses…

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump arrives for a campaign ral

Axelrod: Trump Will Be Greeted at RNC as a ‘Martyr’

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod said Saturday on CNN’s coverage of the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump that he will be greeted as a “martyr” by supporters when he attends next week’s Republican National Convention.


Nolte: Biden Approval Rating Collapses to 32%, Trump Tops Joe 50-47%

In the wake of a disastrous debate performance, His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s job approval rating collapsed to 32 percent, according to the latest polling from the far-left Pew Research Center. Slow Joe’s disapproval rating jumped to 66 percent. This puts him a whopping 34 points underwater, a record for Biden in this poll.

AP Photos -- Trump v Biden