India Declares War on BBC Narendra Modi Documentary

The Indian government is extremely unhappy with a BBC documentary critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi – so unhappy that the government cut power to a university attempting to screen the film and ordered social media giants Twitter and YouTube to block attempts to share it.

In this Nov. 13, 2019, file photo, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends the BRICS Business Council prior to the 11th edition of the BRICS Summit, in Brasilia, Brazil. From industrialists and foreign companies to celebrities and ordinary citizens, people from all walks of life pitched in for a newly …

Inflation Trend: Filipino Bride Walks the Aisle Wearing Bouquet of Priceless Onions

The strange saga of the Filipino onion – a humble vegetable transformed into a priceless treasure by a combination of high demand, supply problems, and imbecilic government policies – took another turn on Saturday when blushing bride April Lyka Biorrey walked down the aisle with a bouquet of onions instead of flowers. By all accounts, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

The groom kisses the bride during their wedding outside Manila's Cathedral, Philippines on Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021. Religious activities, including weddings, have resumed with greater capacity as the government continues to ease health restrictions due to the decline of COVID-19 cases in the country while closely monitoring the new omicron …