Failed Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said on this week’s broadcast of “CBS Sunday Morning” that her “smart and gutsy” book characters reflected who she was.

Correspondent Erin Moriarty said, “If you don’t know the name Selena Montgomery, here’s a hint, It’s the pen name of a bestselling author who has written eight romance novels, and now, her first thriller.”

She added, “And this book, ‘While Justice Sleeps,’ bears her real name: Stacey Abrams.”

Abrams said, “I think people will be surprised. If they don’t know that I’ve written fiction before, they will be surprised,”

Moriarty asked, “How do you have time for not only just writing these books but the research that’s involved?”

Abrams said, “I’m the daughter of a research librarian. I grew up not only writing, but learning how to research, learning how to dive in and think strategically about how to learn new things.”

Moriarty asked, “Your main character is always a woman of color who’s smart and gutsy and cool under pressure, in short, Stacey Abrams?”

Abrams said, “Well, I try to emulate my characters, and I try to have my characters reflect who I am.”

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