CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein said Tuesday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that former President Donald Trump was willing to “destabilize the world” to stay in office during the final days of his presidency.

Bernstein said, “Well, first of all, this book gives a picture of a deranged demagogue and threat to democracy, as well as a threat to the stability of the world such as we have never seen in our era. So, the rabid nature of Trump’s character, combined with his power and willingness to do anything to stay in office, including to destabilize the world through saying I have to be the president of the United States. Throwing real fear into both our allies and our enemies that the country, itself, was out of control under Trump as he entered the final day of his office. We’ve never seen such a destabilizing moment in our history in this country, led by a president of the United States. A madman and this is a picture of a madman and the people, including the Republican Party, who enabled this madman. ”

He added, “Let’s look at Mike Pence for a minute. He was ambiguous when Trump asked him to do these terrible things to undermine democracy. In the end, it was impossible for him to deny the process of election as called for in the Electoral College, but he thought about it long and hard.”

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